Lilly Higgs is an illustrator and comic artist working in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, with her two cats, Peanut and Noodle. (Together they make Pad Thai), and dogs Ursa and Saffron. The daughter of two authors, Lilly accepted her fate, knowing she was bound to do something creative with her life. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design, including studying illustration in New York and Japan. After graduation, she lived abroad in Melbourne, Australia, then came back home the long way 'round.

Her previous publications include TokyoPop’s Gothic & Lolita Bible, F(r)iction, Hazel, Valor, and more. Lilly has also designed products through WeLoveFine and TeePublic. Her online work has garnered thousands of followers in fan work and original pieces and characters. Lilly’s characters are an extension of her personal mission: to champion love and acceptance in all the shapes it takes.

After two years of scheming, she launched her webcomic, Hollow, in November 2016. Since then, she has been working on various anthologies, zines, and her own novels and short-form comics. She’s also working on a graphic series with writer Hilary Weiss. Shhh! She teaches with Louisville Visual Arts, instructing high school students on the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop and similar programs, and runs workshops on comics.

Nowadays you’ll find her covered in animals, deadlines, and probably donuts.

To contact her, email lillymhiggs@gmail.com.


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